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“I used to be the first person to defend antidepressants, adamant that they were non-addictive. It wasn’t until I stopped taking the medication completely that I realized just how dependent and physiologically used to them my body had become….”

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“To someone who has never experienced them first hand, it may seem like mental issues are a plague of the white, upper-middle class. But the truth is, these conditions don’t discriminate….”

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“Mental health is not a joke. And someone’s breakdown isn’t something to laugh about. Your not one, but two displays of immaturity during the red carpet were in poor taste….”

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31 Days of Voices: Day 18 Veronica Lombo speaks about her experience as a yoga teacher living with depression and anxiety.

Posted by Mental Health on The Mighty on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Veronica Lombo and Henry Winslow share their perspectives on dealing with mental illness inside a relationship.

Posted by Mental Health on The Mighty on Tuesday, June 27, 2017


In this podcast interview, you’ll hear from Veronica on what holds people back from facing buried emotions and what we can do to uncover and recover from past trauma; the one simple 5-minute practice everyone can add to their morning routine to attract abundance into her life; and how to pay closer attention and find the answers hiding right in front of your face.

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