Hi!  My name is Veronica.

I am a spiritual guide.  I am also a therapist-in-training, holistic mental health advocate, yogi, and proud first-generation Filipino American. 

I specialize in helping highly sensitive people, empaths, healers, lightworkers, and emotional sponges:

– manage energetic sensitivity

– stay grounded and embodied

– face the dark night of the soul 

– overcome spiritual emergency 

– move through the spiritual and energetic side of mental health issues

In essence, I offer my students and one-on-one clients an alternative perspective on why they’re feeling what they’re feeling. And I share the tools I’ve found necessary to integrate those emotions and experiences.

It is my mission to help my fellow humans discover their personal power and radiance, fill in the gaps where traditional mental health approaches fall short, and embrace challenges as sacred opportunities for growth. 

My Journey

I was a sensitive child.  Beyond words, I could always tell what the adults around me were feeling, usually before they consciously knew it themselves.  I loved coloring the rainbow and would correct others when they left out indigo. 

As I grew up, I started to question my intuitive gifts, doubt my inner knowing, and outsource my power.  At age 15, I started self harming.  I felt an overwhelm of pent up emotions (anger, frustration, sadness, self hatred) and cutting became a way for me to find relief. 

For nearly two decades, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.  I was medicated, hospitalized, and on a path of self destruction.

Through divine intervention and a series of rock bottoms that began with a breakup, led to tapering off antidepressants after 15 years, and culminated with a spiritual emergency and dark night of the soul, I have risen from the darkness and rediscovered my light. 

I am a guide for those who are ready to shine their light and willing to do the work.

When I was 15 and suicidal, I made a promise to God and said, “If I live, I will share what I have learned with others.”  What I teach is a culmination of my life’s journey that includes breathing exercises, movements, meditations, visualizations, thought pattern reframing, mantras, and affirmations. It is my own personal spiritual survival guide that has tools and techniques for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and growth. 

This work takes focus, discipline, and a whole lot of self love.  You are worth it.

Remember your light.