My name is Veronica Lombo.

Like you, I am a divine being in a human body. I’m here to help you transform your struggles into strengths, move past the pain of the past, and reclaim your power.

For many years, I dealt with the living hell that is depression, anxiety, and self harm. While I believe that acknowledgment of past pain is necessary to move forward, I also believe that we are not our stories, and that we must let them go in order to move beyond them.

For over 10 years I have practiced yoga, and I know that asana, pranayama, meditation and mindful journaling are powerful tools for personal transformation.

We have forgotten how much power our souls hold, and I am here to help you remember.

Veronica is a spiritual teacher + life coach based out of New York City. She travels the world teaching with her husband, Henry. She is a California-born-and-raised Filipino American. Veronica loves boy bands and early 2000's pop music.

Ready to Reclaim Your Power?

I can help. Let’s change your life.